Pink Chili

Pink Chili creates exceptional food experiences for commercial and public organisations. It is led by Charlotta Ranert, founder and CEO, who brings great passion and extensive expertise in food conceptualisation to the table – as well as strong, results-focused business acumen. Based in southern Sweden, Pink Chili is a Nordic player with a proven track record of assignments and projects worldwide.


We match skills, needs, and objectives to put together the best possible team for the job. We work closely with people who share our love of food as a unifying and innovative interest. Pink Chili’s network spans artisan producers, award-winning chefs, food designers, and communicators. What we all share is a passion for food, drink and significant experiences.


Fully realised conceptualisations or our own special projects, a complete set of ideas or multi-sectoral initiatives—by asking the right questions, we at Pink Chili challenge assumptions and rewrite traditions. And always with the kind of creative scope and innovative flair that is Pink Chili’s hallmark.


Expertise and creativity are essential for lasting results, but so are hard work and dependability. This is true whether the goal is an innovative food walk for thousands of people, an exclusive event for a select few, or a sustainable strategy to strengthen a food destination’s position.

In all our assignments, we combine business sense with clear goals.