What we do

Pink Chili ​ creates exceptional food experiences for commercial and public organisations. It is led by Charlotta Ranert, founder and CEO, who brings great passion and extensive expertise in food conceptualisation to the table – as well as strong, results-focused business acumen.
Please contact charlotta@pinkchili.se to discuss how we can help you or to set up a meeting.a !


Pink Chili has initiated and co-created several concepts, some of which we own. In addition to creating new projects we also develop existing ideas and drive cross industry initiatives. We provide innovative thinking that creates new value for both businesses and consumers. Our concepts are characterised by interactivity and innovation, and create new places where people, organisations, and businesses meet through food experiences.


Pink Chili can provide strategic project management for commercial and public organisations that wish to arrange gastronomic and culinary experiences. We have the experience to spot new opportunities, deal with complex challenges, and manage projects in order to deliver a successful outcome every time. We facilitate the process end to end, and bring the client, project members, steering group, and other stakeholders together to channel their strategic thinking and creativity into tangible results and to build engagement.


Pink Chili can be hired for analysis, strategy, and advisory development. How do culinary experiences affect behaviour, culture, tradition, and the environment? How will future trends impact your business and what are the business opportunities? How will you be able to satisfy and communicate with today’s discerning consumers? We know how concepts can generate business success. Thanks to our unique experience, competence, and insights into both local and international trends, we can provide creative solutions to help you capture and develop the uniqueness of your business and increase customer attention, engagement, and loyalty.


Pink Chili has a broad network with access to the best people in the food industry, allowing us to match your needs and objectives with the right competences and to create optimal teams for any project revolving around food experiences. We collaborate with people who share our focus on food as a uniting force, and our network includes artisanal producers, award-winning chefs, food creators, established businesses, designers, and creatives.


We are only too happy to share our knowledge and experience in our inspirational talks. All our talks revolve around a common theme: food as a connector. We tailor each talk to bring real value to the target audience, with exciting and relevant content. Pink Chili also participates in panel debates and discussions about the developments in gastronomic and culinary experiences, both from a national and an international perspective.


Our workshops allow you to define, explore, and share your ideas, fuelled by creativity and new insights. Every workshop addresses the challenges and opportunities of the industry, with content customised to provide new perspectives and insights from our network of inspirational speakers. In addition to workshop facilitation, we create the documentation, evaluate the workshop outcomes, and conceptualise the results. We offer access to both attractive workshop facilities and a creative studio and kitchen