The Food Club

Chefs, food designers, producers, food journalists, project managers, and food industry representatives—the Food Club is the network for women food professionals in southern Sweden.

The Food Club was founded in the autumn of 2015. From its origins as a supper club, it has grown rapidly into the strong, supportive network of like-minded women envisaged by its founders Sanna Ohlanders and Charlotta Ranert. There was a crying need for a forum where women in the food industry could network, share knowledge, and inspire one another.

United by a passion for food, it all began with a Facebook group, which currently has over 120 women food professionals.
The Food Club meets IRL a few times a year for workshops, dinner, or drinks. In 2018 the Food Club will take the next step by becoming a business association with an annual programme of joint meetings, inspirational trips, workshops, and gatherings.
Sanna Ohlander, a true inspiration, runs the food photo studio Ventil in Malmö in southern Sweden, which has become the Food Club’s natural base.